Industrial Touch Screen Guide
Resistive Vs Capacitive

The DawarTouch® Selector Tool works as an industrial touch screen guide to compare resistive vs capacitive touch screen products. 

Touch Points

Choose 1: Single, or Dual/Multi-Touch?

CONSIDER: Single-touch interaction may achieve all of the goals of the application at a lower price point. Dual/Multi-Touch support is needed for gestural interactions (flick, swipe, pinch). Select your choice to continue.

Resistive Vs Capacitive
Single Touch Point Only

Resistive touch screens are designed to support single-touch input. There is no limitation on the type of material used for input. Highly cost-competitive, stable, mature technology with excellent detection accuracy.

Resistive Vs Capacitive
Multiple Touch Point Support

Projected Capacitive touch screens support single or multiple touch points, allowing for gestural interaction. No part of the screen physically moves at detection, making the touch experience lighter and smoother (smart-phone like).