There are a wide variety of EETI® touch controllers to support touch sensors from 2 inches to 86 inches diagonal.   The latest EETI series, Orion, includes a built-in high drive voltage which prevents false touches from electrical noise, regardless of whether that noise originates with the system itself or comes from an outside source.  Interfacing to an EETI controller couldn’t be simpler, whether you’re using USB, I2C, or RS-232.  EETI provides numerous drivers on their website including drivers for WinCE and QNX.  If you’re using a real-time operating system, writing a custom I2C driver is a snap.  The EETI family also supports active stylus, tap water and saltwater/saline immunity, and thick cover lenses up to 4mm.  EETI is also willing under some circumstances to include custom features in the controller to support other devices like external sensors, PCAP buttons, and touch indicators.

Dawar Technologies has been an EETI Design Partner since 2007.  Our first touch panel products used the EETI resistive touch controllers.  In 2011 we began using the EETI PCAP touch controllers and have continued to work closely with EETI as they have expanded their PCAP line.