DawarTechnologies provides all the products you need to create your ideal user interface. From individual components that let you build your own devices to Integrated touch and display solutions designed and implemented to your specifications, Dawar delivers the high-quality, high-functionality results your end users demand.

PCAP Touch Sensors

Dawar has been designing, manufacturing, and tuning Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors for over ten years. Our PCAP sensors have been used on hundreds of products in every market and environment imaginable. We have a number of standard PCAP sensors that are available for purchase directly from our website.

We use two touch control suppliers for our standard PCAP sensors, Microchip and EETI.  Visit our Microchip-based touch sensor store to view our list of standard Microchip-based touch sensors including datasheets and drawings, and to order a sensor and controller board.  Datasheets for our standard Microchip controller boards are also available.  Visit our EETI-based touch sensor store to view or purchase an EETI-based sensor and controller board.  Datasheets for our standard EETI controller boards are also available.  If you're not sure if you need a Microchip or EETI solution, Dawar's customer support team can help!  Contact Dawar for more information.

Even though we offer a wide range of standard products, a majority of our customers require some level of customization.  Dawar can customize any aspect of you PCAP sensor assembly.

Open Frames

Dawar's open frame products combine a high quality display and PCAP touch sensor in a single assembly ready to be mounted directly into your product. Each one includes an LCD driver board that supports standard HMDI or VGA input, and a touch controller board with a USB interface. Dawar's open frame products are great for quick turn prototypes, proof-of-concept demo platforms, or even low quantity production runs. Visit our open frame store to purchase an open frame sample for your project.

Touch Monitors

Dawar Technologies has developed a line of custom monitors based on our industry-leading projected capacitive touch technology. Available with black or white sheet metal enclosures, each monitor has a variety of video input options. Articulated arm mounts can also be provided for each size. View our enclosed monitor products for more information.

All in Ones

Dawar Technologies has expanded our line of standard products to include all-in-one computers. Our all-in-one products are based on our monitor product line which use Dawar's industry leading projected capacitive touch technology. The enclosures are black powder-coated sheet metal (also available in white). Inside the enclosure is a single board computer (SBC) preloaded with Android 5.1. Articulated arm mounts can also be provided for each size.  View our all-In-one products for more information.


Take advantage of all the benefits of USB-C with Dawar's proprietary Simple-C LCD driver board! With Simple-C, one cable between your host computer and your Dawar touch-enabled monitor provides power, video, audio, touch, and USB hub functionality. Simple-C's modular design can be easily customized to work with any LCD.  

Resistive Touch Sensors

A resisitve touch sensor can be a cost effective alternative to PCAP touch. Dawar's engnineers have over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing resisitve touch sensors. We have standard 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire resistive sensors that can be customized for your project. We also provide resistive conrollers from EETI and Microchip.