Resistive Touch Screen Solutions

Resisitve touch sensors consist of two conductive layers facing each other and separated by small spacer dots.  When the user presses on the top layer it makes contact with the bottom layer and shorts them together forming a circuit.  A control chip measures the voltage through that short and uses that voltage to determine the touch location.  There are different ways to inject and measure the voltage.  The different options are characterized by the number of physical connections to the touch sensor layers and are referred to as 4-Wire, 5-Wire, and 8-Wire.  The reliability and accuracy increases with the number of connections along with the design complexity and cost.  Because the two layers are shorted together by a touch, resisitive touch sensors are typically limited to a single touch. 

Dawar Technologies offers a variety of standard 4-Wire, 5-Wire, and 8-Wire resistive touch sensors.  We can also design a custom resistive sensor to match any screen size. Contact Dawar for pricing or to discuss your custom design.