In-Vehicle Controls

Agricultural environmentIn-vehicle control touch screens are used in numerous industries from emergency response vehicles to agricultural, construction and warehouse equipment. Many times these environments require a durable, impact resistant, lightweight or portable solution that can be used with finger, thick work glove or stylus. Durability and protection against shock and vibration is also an important feature for this industry.

To further enhance your in-vehicle controls application, explore our DawarTouch® Products, Custom Product Enhancements and Integration Services.

Common Product Requirements

  • Input With a Finger, Gloved Finger or Stylus
  • Sealable Against, Dust, Dirt, Debris or Liquids
  • Durable, Impact Resistance
  • Ruggedized Against Vibration
  • Light-Weight, Portable

Learn how DawarTouch® products and and services overcome the most common projected capacitive product requirements and resistive product requirements.

Common In-Vehicle Controls Applications

  • Precision Agricultural Equipment
  • Warehouse Transportation Equipment
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Construction Applications