With their unique SigmaDrive® technology, SigmaSense is poised to revolutionize the PCAP touch industry.  SigmaDrive, a current mode delta sigma drive and sensing method, provides incredibly high signal-to-noise ratios between 100 and 1000 times better compared to existing voltage based architectures while using very low drive voltages.  This simultaneously increases the noise immunity of the touch system while also reducing its emissions.  It also allows higher resistance materials to be used in the sensor construction which decreases cost and increases clarity. And because each electrode is driven simultaneously, the SigmaSense controllers have extremely high scan and report rates, up to 300 Hz.

When SigmaSense released their SigmaDrive chips in 2020, they selected Dawar Technologies as their design partner so that we could introduce this breakthrough technology to our customers in medical, industrial, exercise, gaming, and all the other markets we service.