The Microchip® maXTouch® family of controllers supports a wide variety of screen sizes, application environments, and robust touch applications.  The maXTouch controller’s combination of mutual and self capacitance sensing enables dynamic adaptation for thick gloves and thin styli without compromising standard finger touches.  With their new P2P Mutual feature, maXTouch controllers can detect multiple finger touches with extremely thick gloves or through 10mm of glass.  The numerous noise avoidance and noise cancellation techniques ensure that outside noise sources won’t cause false touches.  And the custom water immunity algorithms provide excellent protection from false touches in the presence of tap water and salt water/saline.

Dawar Technologies has been a maXTouch Design Partner since 2015, and our director of PCAP Touch Technology, Tony Gray, has been designing maXTouch-based products since 2009.  Our engineers have attended hundreds of hours of training on the intricacies of tuning the over 1000 different configuration parameters in the maXTouch controllers.  We have developed our own tuning and production test programs for maXTouch.  We have also written custom real time drivers for the maXTouch family.