Custom Electronics

Dawar Technologies can integrate a wide variety of custom electronics into your display assembly.  Dawar can design the boards for you, or we can source your design and provide it as part of a subassembly.  Dawar can also source enclosures and provide you with a complete product.


Dawar's new Simple-C driver board leverages all the features of USB-C to give you a monitor driver board that provides video, audio, USB, and power all over just ONE cable!  Simple-C is a modular design, so it can be easily adapted to support your LCD.  

Vist our Simple-C web page to learn more!

LCD Driver Boards

The most common LCD interfaces today are LVDSeDPMIPI, and RGB.  If you're using a PC to drive your display, Dawar can provide a driver board that converts your LCD interface into a standard video interface like HDMIDPDVI, or VGA.  Dawar can also provide a driver board that converts one LCD interface to another in case your embedded processor doesn't support the interface that is available on your selected LCD.

Dawar can also provide a fully compatible USB-C board with support for video, audio, power, and additional USB inputs. 

High Speed Serial Video Boards

High speed serial video is becoming more common in applications where the display is some distance away from the processor.  In these systems the video signals are serialized, transmitted at high speed across a twisted pair cable, de-serialized, and then sent to the LCD.  The two most popular serializer protocols are Texas Instruments® FPD-Link and Maxim® GMSL

Dawar Technologies can design and source a deserializer board as part of the display assembly.  Most serilizer protocols can also serilize an I2C data stream which can be used to communicate with the touch controller, providing one cable back to your host system for both the video and touch interfaces.

Single Board Computers

Dawar can source a single board computer (SBC) and integrate it into the display assembly.  Our SBC partners provide complete support for board support packages, drivers, and even cusotm designs when needed.