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4-Wire Touch Screens

The 4-wire Resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for low-cost applications. It consists of a conductive bottom layer of either glass or film and a conductive top film layer, separated by extremely small, transparent spacer dots. A voltage is applied across the conductive surface. When pressure from a touch is applied to the top layer, it is deflected and makes contact with the bottom layer resulting in a voltage drop. This change is detected by the controller. By alternating the voltage signal between the top layer and the bottom layer, the X and Y coordinates of the user’s touch are computed.

Product Overview

Touch Points Supported Single Touch
Available Constructions FG: Film-on-Glass
PL: Film-Film-Glass/Polycarbonate
Sensor Thickness FG: 1.39mm – 2.09mm
PL: 1.63mm – 6.53mm*

*Overall thickness may vary depending on rear substrate.
Standard Size Range 5.7” – 15”

Eval Kits are available for several standard sizes. Kits include Resistive touch screen, Dawar Resistive Controller Board and USB cable or Serial cable.

Please contact your local Dawar Representative if you are interested in purchasing an eval kit for evaluation.
Custom Sizes Available 1.4" to 22"

Product Spec Snapshot

Maximum Voltage: 5V DC
Maximum Current: Top Layer - 35mA, Bottom Layer - 35mA
Loop Resistance: FG Top Layer - 200-500Ω, FG Bottom Layer - 350-850Ω
PL Top Layer - 300-400Ω, PL Bottom Layer - 300-400Ω
Insulation Impedance: >10MΩ @ 25VDC
Linearity: <1.5%
Chattering Time: <15ms
Capacitance: <5 nf
Operation Force: <80 g
Surface Hardness: ≥ 3H
Light Transmission: FG - 80% (ASTMD1003, Wave length = 550nm)
PL - 76% (ASTMD1003, Wave length = 550nm)
Haze: FG - <10%
PL - <16%
Clarity: FG - >90%
PL - >86%
Gloss: >170GU
Environmental and Storage Conditions
Operating Temperature & Humidity: 10˚C to +60˚C, <90% RH non-condensing for the product
Storage Temperature: -20˚C to +70˚C, <90% RH non-condensing for the product
Pen Hitting Durability: >1,000,000
Pen Sliding Durability: >100,000

4-Wire Lead Times

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you need delivery sooner than our published lead times, just ask. We will do our best to adjust existing schedules, and we can often work overtime to accommodate your needs. Please note that if expedited delivery is available, an expedite fee may apply.

Quotations 5 to 7 business days
Engineering Drawing
(Required for custom solutions)
5 to 7 business days ARO
Standard/Custom Product 5 to 8 weeks*

*Lead times for custom product begin after drawing approval.
*Lead times can vary based on customization requirements.

Compare Similar Products

4-Wire 5-Wire 8-Wire
Available Constructions FG, PL, GFG FG, GFG FG, PL, GFG
Size Range 1.4" - 22" 4" - 24"W 2.9" - 22"W
Standard Product Available Yes Yes Yes
Custom Sizes Available Yes Yes Yes
Field Calibration Required Yes No No
Sunlight Readability Available (Polarizers) No Yes No
Integral Graphic Overlay or Membrane Switch Yes Yes Yes
Surface Hardness ≥ 3H FG: ≥ 3H
GFG: ≥ 7H
≥ 3H
Transmission FG: 80%
PL: 76%
FG: 80%
GFG: 80%
FG: 80%
PL: 76%
Price $ $$ $$

4-Wire Touch Screen Standard Products

Request a Quote

Custom sizes are available upon request, click on the Request a Quote link above and a Dawar representative will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Part Number
Outer Dimension Active Area Construction Touch Screen
FG4-5.7-00001 5.7" 132.61mm x 99.57mm 115.20mm x 86.40mm FG (Film-Glass)
RES4-5.7-00001 5.7" 141.00mm x 104.60mm 115.20mm x 86.40mm FG (Film-Glass)
PL4-5.7-00001 5.7" 132.61mm x 99.57mm 115.20mm x 86.40mm PL (Film-Film-OCA-Glass)
FG4-6.4-00001 6.4" 146.49mm x 112.05mm 129.59mm x 97.59mm FG (Film-Glass)
RES4-6.4-00001 6.4" 153.00mm x 126.50mm 130.60mm x 97.00mm FG (Film-Glass)
PL4-6.4-00001 6.4" 146.49mm x 112.05mm 129.59mm x 97.59mm PL (Film-Film-OCA-Glass)
FG4-6.5-00001 6.5" 150.31mm x 117.46mm 132.50mm x 99.40mm FG (Film-Glass)
PL4-6.5-00001 6.5" 150.31mm x 117.46mm 132.50mm x 99.40mm PL (Film-Film-OCA-Glass)
FG4-1-7.0W-00001 7.0"W 168.40mm x 105.50mm 152.40mm x 91.44mm FG (Film-Glass)
FG4-7.0W-00001 7.0"W 167.50mm x 97.00mm 154.50mm x 87.00mm FG (Film-Glass)
PL4-7.0W-00001 7.0"W 168.40mm x 105.50mm 152.40mm x 91.44mm PL (Film-Film-OCA-Glass)
FG4-8.4-00001 8.4" 187.12mm x 141.73mm 170.40mm x 127.80mm FG (Film-Glass)
FG4-9.0W-00001 9.0"W 209.09mm x 130.00mm 194.59mm x 118.00mm FG (Film-Glass)
FG4-10.4-00001 10.4" 225.21mm x 171.59mm 211.07mm x 158.50mm FG (Film-Glass)
PL4-10.4-00001 10.4" 234.10mm x 179.40mm 211.20mm x 158.40mm PL (Film-Film-OCA-Glass)
FG4-12.1-00001 12.1" 266.60mm x 204.00mm 246.00mm x 185.00mm FG (Film-Glass)
FG4-15.0-00001 15.0" 325.45mm x 249.25mm 304.09mm x 228.09mm FG (Film-Glass)
*All standard products include a antiglare/anti-newton topsheet.
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