PCAP Touch Tuning

Dawar can tune a projected capacitive touch sensor for a variety of applications including large gloves, thick cover lenses, low conducting liquids like tap water, and highly conductive liquids like salt water, bleach, and cleaning sprays.  When needed, Dawar's tuning experts can travel to your location to support complete system tuning and certification testing.

Thick Gloves and Cover Lenses

Many people believe that PCAP touch screens don't work with thick gloves.  That's because consumer devices use low-end touch controllers that aren't capable of detecting and reporting touches with thick gloves.  Dawar's industry-leading industrial touch controllers, when tuned by Dawar's touch experts, are capable of detecting touches with incredibly thick gloves while still responding to finger touches. 

The same controller features that enable detection of thick gloves also provide touch detection through extremely thick cover lenses, up to 10mm of glass.

Contact Dawar for help with your thick glove or cover lens application.


Water and other liquids can wreak havoc on a projected capacitive touch sensor, generating false touches or preventing real touches from being detected.  The more conductive the liquid, the more problems it can cause. 

Preventing false touches and tracking real touches in the presence of liquids is extremely difficult.  It requires the right combination of sensor design, touch controller selection, and careful tuning.  Dawar's PCAP experts have over 10 years experience designing and tuning systems to function in a variety of liquid-heavy environments including personal water craft, catheter labs, operating rooms, and outdoor kiosks.  

Contact Dawar to discuss your particular environmental challenges.

Electrical Noise

A PCAP touch sensor is essentially an antenna tuned to pick up frequencies between 50kHz and 300kHz.  If there is electrical noise near the same frequency that the touch controller is using, it can be very difficult to detect real touches and to prevent false touches.

Dawar's advanced industrial touch controllers include numerous noise avoidance and noise cancellation features including frequency hoping, hybrid sensing, active noise cancellation, and advanced filtering.  Dawar's touch experts provide a default tuning on each sensor that handles most noise issues.  When special circumstances arise, Dawar's touch experts will travel to your site and adjust the tuning directly in your system to remove any noise artifacts.  We also provide on-site support for certification testing when needed.

If electrical noise is impacting your current touch solution, contact Dawar.  We can design and tune a drop-in replacement sensor and controller that will be immune to electrical noise, whether it's being generated by your system or by the environment.

Non-Rectangular Sensors

Most LCDs are rectangular, which means that most PCAP touch sensors are also rectangular. But occasionally special applications call for odd shaped touch sensors.  A PCAP sensor is essentially a column-and-row matrix of capacitors, so non-rectangular sensors present some challenges to the design and tuning of a non-rectangular sensor.

Fortunately, Dawar has touch controllers that include features specifically designed to deal with unusual sensor shapes.  Our touch sensor design experts can create and build almost any sensor shape you can imagine, and our tuning experts will optimize your custom sensor for your application.

Contact Dawar to discuss your unusual touch sensor shape.