Resistive Controller Solutions

Microchip Resistive Electronics

Microchip’s universal controllers offer flexible, forward-compatible solutions, supporting 4, 5 and 8-wire resistive touch screens for RS232, PS/2, and USB communication. 

Microchip Product Offering

Ordering Part Number Description Spec Download
HS12-040E0A-03 TSharc-12 Devil Ray
Auto Detects both USB & RS232 (serial)
Auto Detects 4,5, 8 wire touch screens
Works with PL4, PL8, FG4, FG5, FG8
Compatible with old 3M SC3 controllers for RS232.
No EEPROM support

Microchip Spec Snapshot

Touch Screen Size 4.3"W - 24"W
Input Voltage 5.0V DC +/- 5% or from USB port
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Interface Communication USB/RS232
Nominal Report Rate 125 points per second
Response Time 4/8 wire: 18ms
4/8 wire: waking 21.6ms
5 wire: 19.4ms
5 wire waking: 22.6ms
Available Drivers USB/RS232: Touch-base License for Windows 2003, XP/XPe, Vista 32 / 64 bit and Windows 7 and 8 32 / 64 bit, CE 5.0/6.0/7.0/2013

USB/RS232: Touch-Base License for Ubuntu, Elementary, openSUSE, Debian, Centos, RedHat, Fedora Core, Arch Linux, Mint.

  • TSHARC™ Controller
    Board Specification

All controllers and chip products include drivers that are available from the Microchip website.

Microchip Resistive Controller Board Cables

Ordering Part Number Type Description Drawing Download
C72-080S1F-04XAXM USB USB A to 8 pin header cable
C72-080S1F-09XDXF Serial RS-232 DB-9 serial to 8 pin header with power leads
Ordering Part Number Type Description Drawing Download
C18-080S1F-080G1M 8-Wire Multi-color ribbon cable 8 position touch screen extension

* For use between touch screen and controller

* The RES8_10.4-00001 and PL8(2) 10.4-00001 require jumper cable (P/N C18-080S1F-080G1M) to match the pinout of the Devil Ray controller.