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Dawar Technologies' technical staff are recognized leaders in the touch industry.  With our deep and expansive knowledge of the underlying operational principles of projected capacitive (PCAP) and resisitve touch technology, our vast experience in manufacturing and integrating touch sensors, cover lenses, film adhesives, mounting hardware, etc., and our experience providing design guidance to customers in a variety of industries, we have a unique knowledge base when it comes to designing, integrating, and using touch in your products.  Below are just a few of the articles and books our staff members have published on touch to help you understand how the technology works and how to integrate it into your product.

"Antimicrobial Solutions for Touchscreens in Times of Pandemic" discusses how the use of antimicrobial coatings with touch technology can mitigate the risks of cross contamination during a pandemic.

"Introduction to USB-C" explains all the features of USB-C that you need to know to implement a design using our new Simple-CTM driver board.

"Reducing Electrical Noise in a Projected Capacitive Touch Sensor Device" lists the primary of sources of electrical noise that can interfere with the operation of a projected capacitiive touch sensor and how to mitigate those noise sources to prevent false touches.

"Ruggedize Your Touch Panel" explains the issues involved with designing a touch enabled product for ruggedize environments like industrial controls, marine use, oil field maintence, outdoor operation, and others.  It includes an explanation of the process of chemical strengthening, the various adhesives used in a display/touch assembly, what causes birefringence, and other relevant issues.

Co-authored with Texas Instruments Systems Applications Engineer Yiding Luo, "Take your HMI design to the next level..." explains how to use the Texas Instruments CapTIvateTM  touch engine on an MSP430TM microcontroller in conjunction with a transparent touch sensor to implement an inexpensive touch solution without the need for a dedicated touch controller.

Written by Tony Gray, our Director of Touch Technology, this book covers ALL aspects of projected capacitive touch sensors including basic principles, the physics of PCAP, capacitance measurements, touch sensor materials and
construction, electrical noise, software drivers, and testing.  "Projected Capacitive Touch" is the only book available on projected capacitive touch.  It is targeted at working engineers who are implementing touch into their products as well as anyone else with an interest in how touch screens work.

Hard cover copies can be purchased at Amazon.

Ebooks and individual chapters can be purchased at Springer Publishing.

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