Microchip Standard Projected Capacitive Sensors

The quickest way to get started with Projected Capacitive Touch is to order one of our standard Double-Sided-ITO-Glass (DITO) sensors with either a Microchip or EETI touch controller directly from our web site. We also have standard Open Frame Products that can also be ordered directly from our web site. The Open Frame Products include a USB touch controller, an LCD, and an LCD driver board with HDMI and VGA inputs. Our standard products are great for proof-of-concept designs, software development, technology evaluation, and even small production runs.  Contact Dawar for volume pricing.

 All of our standard Microchip sensors and controllers are available in the list below.  Choose a sensor size, then choose the desired control board form factor (PCB: Printed Circuit Board, or COF: Chip On Flex) and communications interface (USB or I2C).  If the option you need isn't shown, contact Dawar for availability and pricing.  You generally need one sensor and one controller.  If you want to evaluate multiple form factors or communication interfaces, you can order multiple controllers for the same sensor.  The control boards come preprogrammed to work with a specific sensor.  You cannot swap control boards between two different sensor sizes even if they have the same tail sizes.  

There is also a list of accessory items that might be helpful to you including a standard USB cable that connects directly to our USB PCB control boards, an I2C-to-USB brige board and cable for connecting our I2C products to a PC, and an adapter board to convert the flex tail connection on our USB COF products to a standard USB header.

Information on operating systems drivers for our Microchip controllers products can be found here.

NOTE: The 4.3in DW03044 sensor has a bonded I2C COF tail.  No controller needs to be selected for this sensor.

Sensors and Controllers

Size Part Number Active Area Dimensions USB PCB USB COF I2C PCB I2C COF
4.3" 95.04 x 53.86 119.25 x 55.28 x 1.85      
7" 152.40 x 91.44 190.00 x 129.00 x 1.85    
7" 152.40 x 91.44 179.96 x 125.53 x 1.85    
8" 174.00 x 104.4 209.20 x 144.66 x 1.85  
10.1" 216.96 x 135.60 217.96 x 173.14 x 1.85  
12.1" 261.10 x 163.24 263.12 x 165.20 x 2.00
15.6" 344.16 x 193.59 384.14 x 233.48 x 2.70  


Part Number Description For use with
Standard USB cable for all USB PCBs All controllers
USB to I2C bridge board for all I2C PCBs and COFs I2C PCB and I2C COF controllers
Adapter to convert USB COF tail to USB cable connector USB COF controllers
8 pin FPC for use with I2C PCB and bridge board I2C PCB controllers