Custom Design & Services

Dawar can customize any of a touch sensor to fit your needs, or design an entirely custom sensor to fit your applicaiton.  We offer custom PCAP and resisitve sensors.

Touch Customizations

Do you have an unusal aspect ratio, difficult environmental requirements, stringent saefty standards, etc.?  Dawar can design a custom PCAP or resistive touch sensor to meet your application. 

Touch Tuning

Dawar's touch tuning experts can tune your touch sensor for a variety of difficult scenarios. One of Dawar tuning experts will travel to your facility for full in-system tuning or to support certification testing when needed.


Dawar provides a number of integration services and add-ons to simplify your design and streamline your assembly.

Custom Electronics

Dawar can design and provide custom electronics for your display and touch solution.

Mechanical Design

Dawar works directly with your mechanical engineering team to ensure that the LCD/touch assembly and other provided components fit as expected. We can also source a number of mechanical assemblies, simplifying your supply chain.

LCD Selection & Sourcing

Dawar can select and source the right LCD for your project.

Supply Chain Management

Dawar Technologies provides full turn-key solutions for our customers which includes end-to-end supply chain management for every product application.