Enclosed Monitor Products

Dawar is now offering custom monitor designs appropriate for industrial and some medical applications.

Dawar Technologies has developed a line of custom monitors based on our industry leading projected capacitive touch technology. Available with black or white sheet metal enclosures, each monitor has a variety of video input options.

Available sizes include:

        15.6 inches: DW03436  User's Guide  Datasheet
        18.5 inches: DW03401  User's Guide  Datasheet
        19.0 inches: DW03583  User's Guide  Datasheet
        21.5 inches: DW03360  User's Guide  Datasheet
        21.5in (white): DW03408  User's Guide  Datasheet
        23.8 inches: DW03398  User's Guide  Datasheet

Articulated arm mounts can also be provided for each size.  For more information or if you are interested in a custom monitor size not listed here, contact Dawar.