Dawar Technologies' new Simple-Host USB-C host board fills the gap between your processor and Dawar's Simpleā€‘CTM enabled monitor.  Most single board computers and other embedded platforms don't support Alternate Mode Video over USB-C or USB-C voltages greater than 5V, both of which are required to use a Simple-C monitor.  Dawar's Simple-Host solves that problem!  Simply connect your processor's video and USB outputs to Simple-Host along with 24V power, and Simple-Host will provide a USB-C output compatible with your Simple-C monitor.

If you need to assemble a quick demo of a Simple-C monitor, or if you're looking for a production-ready USB-C host solution to mate with your existing embedded computer without doing any design work, Simple-Host is the solution you need!  Based on the Cypress CY4531 eval kit and using the Cypress CCG3 USB-C controller, Simple-Host implements a fully capable USB-C host so you don't have to.

For details on Dawar Technologies' Simple-Host board, read Dawar Technologies Simple-Host User's Guide.