EETI PCAP Unprogrammed Control Boards

Dawar assigns different part numbers to unprogrammed and programmed control boards. If you need a specification for a Dawar Microchip touch control board, look for the CT part number in the silkscreen on the PCB or COF. This is the part number of the unprogrammed board. Then click on the link below to view the board specification. If your board part number is not in the list below, please contact Dawar for more information.

Information on operating system drivers for our EETI controller boards can be found here.

Part Number EETI Controller Touch Screen Size Form Factor Interface
CT11121 EXC80W32 5" to 10" PCB USB and I2C
CT11104 EXC80H84 10" to 18" PCB USB and I2C
CT11105 EXC80H84 18" to 25" PCB USB and I2C