DawarTouch® Products

DawarTouch® technology encompasses all the products you need to create your ideal user interface. From individual components that let you build your own devices to Integrated Touch Solutions designed and implemented to your specifications along with several other value add capabilities, Dawar delivers the high-quality, high-functionality results your end users demand.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Solutions

The quickest way to get started with Projected Capacitive Touch is to order one of our standard Double-Sided-ITO-Glass (DITO) sensors with either a Microchip or EETI touch controller directly from our web site. We also have standard Open Frame Products that can also be ordered directly from our web site. The Open Frame Products include include a USB touch controller, an LCD, and an LCD driver board with HDMI and VGA inputs. We also have fully enclosed monitors ready for connection to your computer and all-in-one (AIO) products that include a single board computer (SBC). Our standard products are great for proof-of-concept designs, software development, technology evaluation, and even small production runs.

In addition to our standard DITO sensors, Dawar can provide custom sensor constructions including Glass-Glass (GG); Glass-Film-Film (GFF); Single-Sided-ITO-Glass (SITO), and Double-Sided-ITO-Glass (DITO). Dawar offers a wide variety of customization and integration options for any application. Contact Dawar to discuss the specifics of your project.

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Resistive Touch Screen Solutions

Dawar offers a full range of 4-Wire, 5-Wire, and 8-Wire Resistive Touch Screens that are available in Film-Glass (FG), Film-Film-Glass (PL) and Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) constructions. Our resistive touch screen solutions are a cost-effective, durable and versatile solution for many applications. We have a full range of standard product available for each technology along with the ability to customize to meet your exact specification requirements. Contact Dawar for pricing.

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