Custom Product Enhancements
Projected Capacitive

Dawar offers a wide variety of custom product enhancements to complement our projected capacitive product offering. Whether you have a ruggedized application that requires a custom gasket to help with sealing against dirt and debris or an outdoor application that requires enhanced sunlight readability and low reflections, our experienced sales team can help select the right product enhancements for your application that is sure to improve usability, performance and end user experience.

Cover Lens

We offer a full range of cover lens options including a wide variety of materials, decorative printing, specialty LED lighting, cap sense buttons, cutouts and more.

Custom Gaskets & Sealing

Dawar offers a wide variety of gasket materials and sealing options that can be used for various application requirements including:

  • Integration of the touch screen to the LCD or top bezel.
  • Sealing against ingress of dirt, debris and other liquids from an outside environment.
  • Shielding

Below is a listing of the standard gasket offerings that Dawar carries. The majority of these gaskets are pressure sensitive acrylic adhesives or foam adhesives that are offered with either a single or double side of adhesive. The gaskets are typically die-cut and applied in a continuous frame type configuration. Gasket strips are also available for VHB type gaskets to provide a more cost effective solution.

Standard PCAP Touch Screen Gasket Options
  Double-Sided Adhesive Gaskets
Base Material Type Adhesion
Thickness Example of
3M 7961 3M 7961 Acrylic Adhesive Front
or Rear
High 0.011"
Secure touch screen to
display or Cover Lens to Bezel
  Double-Sided Adhesive Gaskets with Foam
E Foam 'F' with permanent
adhesive on one side and
removable adhesive on the other side
Rear Low 0.035"
Secure touch screen to display and allows disassembly
  Double-Sided Adhesive Gaskets
F Black closed cell polyolefin Front
or Rear
Medium 0.031"
Seal touch screen to
bezel and allows disassembly
G Black closed cell polyolefin Front
or Rear
Medium 0.064"
Seal touch screen to
bezel and allows disassembly


Dawar is able to source most types of adhesive. If there is a requirement that you have that you do not see listed in the chart above just ask or if you need help choosing the right gasket for your application our experienced sales team will help guide you through the selection process.

Film Enhancements

  • Anti-Reflective Films – AR films or coatings can be incorporated into various places in the product construction to reduce light reflections at interfaces with air.  The reduction of the reflected light will enhance the contrast and visibility of the display image by reducing the intensity of reflected ambient light back to the user.
  • Privacy Films – These films can be incorporated into the sensor construction to narrow the viewing area of the display to the user directly in front of the display.  This can be helpful to eliminate surrounding individuals from seeing confidential information in public areas.
  • Anti-Microbial Films – These films can inhibit the growth of microbes on the surface of the material.  This can be useful in public use applications where many different people are touching the screen.

EMI Shielding

EMI Shielding is frequently used in applications where the user needs to contain EMI noise inside the unit to pass radiated emissions requirements or to prevent EMI noise from entering the unit in order to pass susceptibility requirements. Shields of various conductivity and shielding effectiveness can be incorporated into the sensor structure to aid in controlling EMI from entering or leaving the unit.

Firmware Tuning Support

Dawar offers full tuning support at no additional fee for our Projected Capacitive touch screen product. Our group of experienced Engineers provides the expertise to tune for many different environmental conditions including:
  • Conductive Liquids (i.e. Saline, Ultrasound Gel, Defib Gel)
  • Thick Cover Lens Material
  • Noise From LCD or Other System Electronics
  • Thick Gloves
  • Passive and Conductive Stylus
  • Water
  • Palm Rejection
If you are interested in sending your unit back to Dawar for additional tuning, contact your Local Sales Representative or Territory Account Representative and they will work with you to provide you with the information you need for the return.