Microchip Introduces New PCAP Touch Controllers


Microchip® recently released several new maXTouch® PCAP touch controllers that, when paired with Dawar Technologies’ touch sensors, enable exciting new features like:

  • Being able to project through a 10mm thick cover lens
  • Full support for multi-touch gestures like pinch and zoom when wearing extremely thick gloves
  • Works with small air gaps between the sensor and the cover lens in cabinet style installations
  • Improved noise immunity performance
  • Enhanced tap and salt water immunity
  • Support for vey wide touch sensors with aspect ratios up to 7:1
  • Certified for use in home appliances for IEC/UL 60730 Class B products
  • Real time monitoring and reporting of sensor failures for safety applications
These new maXTouch® controllers are available today through Microchip® Touch Partners like Dawar Technologies.  To find out how to integrate these features and other into your product, call Dave Ashi at 1-800-366-1904 x324.
Tony Gray
Director of PCAP Touch Technology

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