Military / Aerospace

Touch screen used in a military vehicleExcessive vibration and high temperatures are just a few of the extreme environmental conditions touch screens used in the military and aerospace industry experience. A ruggedized and durable product is a must in these industries alongside sunlight readability, low reflections and a robust seal to protect against dust, dirt, debris and liquids.  

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Common Product Requirements

•    Ruggedized Against Vibration
•    Durable, Impact Resistance
•    Sunlight Readability 
•    Withstand Noise Interference
•    Low Emissions
•    Input With a Finger, Gloved Finger or Stylus
•    Sealable Against, Dust, Dirt, Debris or Liquids


Common Military/Aerospace Applications

•    Portable Laptop/Tablets
•    Ruggedized Displays 
•    In-Flight Entertainment System
•    Navigation System
•    Cockpit Instrumentation
•    Cabin Control Panel
•    Passenger Area Control Systems 
•    UAV Control Systems