Common PCAP Product Requirements


Common Product Requirements Dawar’s PCAP Value-Added Solutions
Reliable & Accurate
  • No Linearity Calibration Required
  • Full Tuning Support is Available to Help Deal with Environmental Conditions that May Otherwise Interfere with the Proper Functionality of the Touch Screen
Durable, Impact Resistance
  • Glass Front Solution Provides ≥ 9H Surface Hardness
  • Additional Strengthening can be Added Through the Addition of a Front Cover Lens That Includes Either Chemical Strengthening or Full Heat Tempering
  • Can Pass Certain Ball-Drop Impact Testing
Input with a Finger, Gloved Finger (Latex or Thick Work Glove) or Stylus
  • Tuning Support That Dawar Provides Allows the Touch Screen to be Tuned to Accept Multiple Types of Input Devices Including: a Finger, a Stylus, Latex or Thick Work Gloves
Sealable Against, Dust, Dirt, Debris or Liquids (Medical: Gels, Saline, Blood)
  • Front and Rear Gasket Options are Available Along with More Permanent Options such as Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) Which Provides a Strong Seal Around the Perimeter of the Front Bezel 
Long Life Expectancy/High Endurance
  • No Functional Degradation From Repeated Touches
  • Product Life: 5 Year Product Life Guaranteed
High Optical Clarity
  • 90% Transmission
  • 97% Clarity
Highly Responsive
  • Can Support Single or Multiple Touch Points
  • 10 Point Touch Available
Light-Weight, Portable
  • New PCAP Constructions Including Glass-Film-Film, Glass-Film and GG2 Provide an Overall Thinner and Lighter Weight Option vs. Glass-Glass Construction
Ambient Light Readability
  • 90% Transmission
  • 97% Clarity
Sunlight Readability
  • Film Enhancements can be Added for Low Reflections
  • Liquid Optical Bond (LOB) Available
Anti-Fingerprint (Oleophobic) Coatings
  • Oleophobic Coatings can be Added to the Cover Lens to Provide an Oil-Repelling Surface and Help Eliminate Fingerprints from Sticking to the Front Surface
Scratch Resistance
  • Glass Front Solution Provides ≥ 9H Surface Hardness 
Shatter-Resistant / Vandal-Resistant
  • Heat Tempered Cover Lens Option Provides Shatter-Resistant Front Surface Option
  • PCAP Signals can be Projected Through up to 6mm of Hardened Glass
Ruggedized Against Vibration
  • Daughterboard and Chip on Flex (COF) Controllers Available with Optional Conformal Coating and Latching Connectors
Withstand Noise Interference
  • Dawar Can Provide Tuning Support Against Noise from LCD or Other Systems Electronics
Extreme Temperatures Fluctuations
  • Glass PCAP Solutions Improve Durability Against Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
Use with Salt Water (Tuning)
  • Can Tune PCAP for Use with Salt Water