All in One Products

Dawar's latest product offerings include our new All-in-One computers with projected capacitive touch screen.  Based on our Monitor product line, our new All-in-One products include a single board computer (SBC) preloaded with Android 5.1.

Dawar Technologies has expanded our line of standard products to now include All-in-One computers. Our All-in-One products are based on our Monitor product line which use Dawar's industry leading projected capacitive touch technology.  The enclosures are all black powder coated sheet metal (also available in white).  Inside the enclosure is a single board computer (SBC) preloaded with Android 5.1.   The All-in-One computers are available with diagonal screen sizes of 15.6 inches (DW03437), 18.5in (DW03451), and 21.5in (DW03424).  Articulated arm mounts can also be provided for each size.

For more information or if you are interested in a custom All in One computer, contact Dawar.