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Dawar’s Glass-Glass Projected Capacitive Touch Screens consist of two glass circuits that are optically bonded together with optically clear adhesive (OCA). A decorative lens can be added to the front surface of the sensor to allow for product designs similar to tablet PCs. This lens is also optically bonded to the sensor layers to achieve high light transmission and low reflectance.

Product Overview

Touch Points Supported Multi Touch – Up to 16 simultaneous touch points.
Size Range (Controller Board) 2.0”W - 24”W
Size Range (Chip on Flex) 2.0”W – 17”
Sensor Thickness 1.65mm - 2.7mm*

*Thickness range above does not include front cover lens.
Custom Tuning System tuning available to meet your custom application requirements.
Rugged Design All glass construction that provides ≥9H pencil hardness and superior optics.
Cover Lens Multiple cover glass lens options available including Gorilla Glass®, Dragontrail®, Chem Strengthened, Anti-Glare, Soda Lime, Heat Tempered, Heat Strengthened and more.

Decorative printing also available.
Standard Product 4.3"W to 24"W - Standard Controller Board Solutions

Eval Kits are available for several standard sizes. Kits include the PCAP touch screen, EXC3000 controller board, Y cable and USB cable.

Please contact your local Dawar Representative if you are interested in purchasing a PCAP demo kit for evaluation.

Product Spec Snapshot

Detection Method: Projected Capacitance
Construction: Glass-Glass sensor circuits with optional glass front lens
Electronics: External PCB or Chip on Flex
Sensor Thickness: 1.65mm - 2.7mm; Varies by size
Surface Hardness: ≥ 9H
Sealability: Can be sealed to meet NEMA 4 & 12, and IP 65 standards
Environmental and Storage Conditions
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 70°C, < 90% RH non-condensing for the product
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C, < 90% RH non-condensing for the product
Light Transmission: 90% ± 3% (ASTMD1003)
Haze: ≤ 3% ± 2%
Clarity: ≥ 97%

Projected Capacitive Lead Times

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you need delivery sooner than our published lead times, just ask. We will do our best to adjust existing schedules, and we can often work overtime to accommodate your needs. Please note that if expedited delivery is available, an expedite fee may apply.

Quotations 5 to 7 business days
Engineering Drawing
(Required for custom solutions)
5 to 7 business days ARO*
Standard Product 4 to 6 weeks
Custom Product 8 to 12 weeks**

*Drawing turnaround time could be longer if custom electronics are required.
**Lead times for custom product begin after drawing approval.
**Lead times can vary based on customization requirements.

Compare Similar Products

Construction Glass-Glass Glass-Film-Film Glass-Film Double-Sided-ITO-Glass
Multi Touch Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size Range 2" - 24"W 3.4" - 24"W 3.4" - 24"W 3.4" - 17"
Standard Product Available Yes Yes No Yes
Custom Sizes Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
(Image is of the cross-section view.
Click the image for the stack-up details.)

1.65mm - 2.7mm*
Glass-Glass Cross-Section View
1.06mm - 6.36mm
Glass-Film-Film Cross-Section View
0.88mm - 1.28mm
Glass-Film Cross-Section View
1.45mm - 3.1mm
Double-Sided-ITO-Glass Cross Section View
Decorative Lens Available Yes Yes No Yes
Electronics Configuration COF and Controller Board COF and Controller Board COF and Controller Board COF and Controller Board
Surface Hardness ≥ 9H ≥ 9H ≥ 9H ≥ 9H
Transmission 90% 90% 90% 90%
Price $$$$ $$$ $$ $$
Unit Volume Low to Med Low to Med Low to Med Low to Med

* Thickness range does not include cover lens.

Customization is Our Specialty

Learn more about the variety of options that allow you to customize your touch screen product to your application's unique needs.

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Glass-Glass Standard Products

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Custom sizes are available upon request, click on the Request a Quote link above and a Dawar representative will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Part Number
Outer Dimension Active Area EXC3000 Controller
Board Drawing
Touch Screen
PCAP_04.3W-00001 4.3"W 107.56mm x 69.74mm 95.36mm x 53.64mm
PCAP_05.7-00001 5.7" 128.70mm x 103.90mm 115.20mm x 86.40mm
PCAP_06.5-00001 6.5" 147.82mm x 118.82mm 133.28mm x 101.55mm
PCAP_07.0W-00001 7.0"W 164.90mm x 107.94mm 152.40mm x 91.44mm
PCAP_08.4-00001 8.4" 186.20mm x 147.40mm 170.40mm x 127.80mm
PCAP_09.0W-00001 9.0"W 212.40mm x 137.15mm 195.18mm x 118.50mm
PCAP_10.1W-00001 10.1"W 232.92mm x 155.14mm 217.00mm x 135.54mm
PCAP_10.4-00001 10.4" 227.65mm x 179.39mm 211.20mm x 158.40mm
PCAP_10.4-00CL1* 10.4" 227.65mm x 179.39mm  211.20mm x 158.40mm
PCAP_10.6W-00002 10.6"W 247.70mm x 160.08mm 230.40mm x 138.24mm
PCAP_12.1-00002 12.1" 264.13mm x 206.84mm  246.33mm x 184.75mm  
PCAP_12.1W-00002 12.1"W 278.52mm x 184.27mm 261.10mm x 163.24mm
PCAP_15.0-00002 15.0" 324.19mm x 252.27mm 304.09mm x 228.09mm
PCAP_15.6W-00002 15.6"W 370.00mm x 222.47mm 344.10mm x 193.56mm
PCAP_17.0-00002 17.0" 358.92mm x 295.39mm 340.00mm x 272.00mm
PCAP_18.5W-00001 18.5"W 430.30mm x 256.65mm 413.13mm x 231.93mm
PCAP_19.0-00001 19.0" 400.40mm x 330.48mm 378.00mm x 304.00mm
PCAP_20.1-00001 20.1" 433.50mm x 349.47mm  412.18mm x 323.86mm
PCAP_21.3-00001 21.3" 454.60mm x 350.94mm  432.00mm x 324.00mm
PCAP_21.6W-00001 21.6"W 497.61mm x 296.24mm  478.56mm x 271.18mm
PCAP_22.0W-00001 22.0"W 498.80mm x 327.12mm  473.76mm x 296.110mm
PCAP_24.0W-00001 24.0"W 538.52mm x 350.01mm  518.40mm x 324.00mm

* Comes standard with a 1.1mm Chemically Strengthened Soda Lime Glass Cover Lens with black printed border. 

All of our standard Glass-Glass products are designed with the EETI EXC3000 controller board solutions.  All boards come standard with 10 point touch firmware.  

Evaluation Kit Components

Request a Eval Kit

Click on the Request a Eval Kit link above and a Dawar representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

Part Number
Eval Kit Ordering
Part Number
Touch Screen
EXC3000 Controller
Board Drawing
USB Cable
Y Cable
Eval Kit
Setup Guide
PCAP_04.3W-00001 DW01745
PCAP_05.7-00001 DW01746
PCAP_06.5-00001 DW01747
PCAP_07.0W-00001 DW01748
PCAP_08.4-00001 DW01749
PCAP_09.0W-00001 DW01750
PCAP_10.1W-00001 DW01751
PCAP_10.4-00001 DW01752
PCAP_10.4-00CL1 DW01743
PCAP_10.6W-00002 DW01753
PCAP_12.1-00002 DW01754
PCAP_12.1W-00002 DW01755
PCAP_15.0-00002 DW01756
PCAP_15.6W-00002 DW01759
PCAP_17.0-00002 DW01760
PCAP_18.5W-00001 DW01761
PCAP_19.0-00001 DW01762
PCAP_20.1-00001 DW01763
PCAP_21.3-00001 DW01764
PCAP_21.6W-00001 DW01765
PCAP_22.0W-00001 DW01766
PCAP_24.0W-00001 DW01767

*Comes standard with a 1.1mm Chemically Strengthened Soda Lime Glass Cover Lens with black printed border.

Evaluation Kits are available if there is touchscreen inventory on hand otherwise, a 5 piece MOQ will apply for prototype orders.

Evaluation kits include the touch screen, EXC3000 controller, USB cable and Y cable.

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