Projected Capacitive Cover Lens Options


Dawar offers a variety of cover lens options to enhance your PCAP product’s features and allow for product designs similar to the popular tablet PCs. The cover lens can be cut to the size of your choice and is optically bonded with OCA to the sensor layers to achieve high light transmission and low reflectance.  

Whether your application is in a high ambient light setting and requires an Anti-Glare front surface or you simply want to add your company logo to the front face of your product, Dawar offers multiple options for cover lens material and configurations.

Lens customization offerings include:

  • Decorative Printing Including Borders, Logos, Text and Various Colors
  • Rounded or Square Corners
  • Machined Cutouts in Glass
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Screen Size
  • LED Windows
  • Capacitive Buttons
  • Anti-Reflective and Oleophobic (Anti-Fingerprint) Coatings 
  • Custom Gloss Levels (Available Based On Material Availability and Order Volume)

Available Material Options

Type 0.55mm 0.7mm 0.85mm 1.1mm 1.6mm 1.9mm 2.2mm 3.1mm
AG10 (SS) x     x        
AG35 (SS)       x       x
AG50 (SS)       x x     x
AG70 (SS)   x   x x x x x
AG95 (SS)   x   x x x x x
AG110 (SS)       x        
Soda Lime x x x x x x x x
Gorilla Glass®       x        
Dragontrail® x     x        

SS - Single Sided
Other glass thicknesses available including: 3.9mm, 4.7mm and 5.7mm
Custom gloss levels may be available based on material availability
MOQ may apply for Gorilla Glass® and Dragontrail® products
Anti-Reflective, Hydrophobic and Oleophobic are available upon request

Strengthening Processes

Type 0.55mm 0.7mm 0.85mm 1.1mm 1.6mm 1.9mm 2.2mm 3.1mm
Chemically Strengthened x x x x x x x x
Heat Tempered                x


Chemically Strengthening (“Chem Tempering”)

Strengthening process recommended for glass that is 2.3mm thick and under. The Chemical Strengthening process is an ion surface exchange between sodium and potassium and provides strength and thermal resistance to thin glass. Unlike heat tempering, the chemical strengthening process does not introduce optical distortion. Chemical Strengthening will make thin glass around 2.2 times stronger or more depending on material.

Fully Heat Tempered

Heat Tempering increases the strength and thermal shock resistance of Soda Lime glass. Optical distortion is inherent in processing. Fully tempered glass is also called safety glass because it will dice into smaller particles when broken. Only Soda Lime and Low Iron glass can do all three, the thinnest Soda Lime call fully dice to 0.118”.
  • Thinner glass does not temper as strong as thicker glass since thicker glass has a slower thermal gradient which allows the inside to stay hotter longer
  • Full Heat Tempering will make glass around 5 times stronger
  • Only available on glass that is > 0.118" thick

Edge Profile Options*

Recommended Front Mount Integration

  • Pencil Ground
  • Pencil Polished Edge

Recommended Rear Mount Integration

  • Cut and Seam

* Other edge profiles are available upon request