Touch Screen Custom Designs

In addition to our line of standard products, Dawar Technologies offers a wide variety of customization services.  We can provide a custom touch sensor and cover lens, a display assembly (a touch sensor and LCD), LCD drivers boards, integrated PCAP or mechanical buttons, USB-C interface boards, high speed communication boards (FPD, GMSL, etc.), and enclosures. 

Dawar Technologies can design a custom PCAP or resistive touch sensor to fit any LCD form factor, enclosure design, and application.  Customization options include:
  • Size/aspect ratio
  • Cover lens silk screen (logos, icons, multiple colors, voids, dead fronts, etc.)
  • Cover lens thickness (0.55mm to 6.0mm)
  • Cover lens material (soda lime glass, chemically strengthened glass, Gorilla™, Dragon Trail™, tempered, PMMA, etc.)
  • Cover lens coatings (anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint, anit-glare, anti-reflective, etc.)
  • Custom gaskets and sealing
  • EMI shielding
  • Sensor tail and controller location
  • Touch controller material (PCB or Chip-On-Flex)
  • Touch controller communictions interface (USB, I2C, etc.)
  • Cutouts
  • Application tuning support
In addition to custom touch sensors, we also offer integration services and custom electronics.  Contact Dawar to discuss how we can help you deliver an outstanding product that meets your cusotmers' needs.