Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design:

Dawar has a full service design capability that can work from a conceptual idea, supplied art or an engineering drawing, resulting in a manufactured product that brings your equipment to life. Dawar's graphic designers have over 60 years of combined design experience augmenting our engineering and manufacturing departments to create products that meet or exceed customers' expectations. We customize every aspect of the manufacturing process to the requirements of the customer.


•   Extensive library of type fonts
•   Mac and PC computer platforms
•   Tradition of typographic excellence
•   Strong and effective communication with engineering team throughout design phase
•   Available for “brainstorming” sessions with your marketing and engineering staff

Supported Software:

Software (Manufacturer) Latest Version Extension Program Base Export Format
AutoCad LT (Autodesk) 2010 .dwg CAD .dxf and .eps
AutoCad (Autodesk) 2015 .dwg CAD .dxf and .eps
CorelDRAW (Corel) X6 .cdr VECTOR .ai and .eps
Illustrator (Adobe) CS5 .ai VECTOR .eps


Supported File Formats:


  • PDF (portable document format) files are a popular format for saving files. Most of these files can be used as artwork if they were originally created in an application we support.

    Exported Files:

  • Most applications save or export files in several formats. If you use software that we don’t support, choose one of the preferred export formats listed above. Some files exported in these standard file formats can be used as artwork, but it depends on how they were created.

    Bitmap Files:

  • Bitmap images are not supported.
  • Bitmap images describe shapes using an array of pixels (screen image dots.) Corel Photo-Paint (Corel) and Photoshop (Adobe) are examples of applications used to create bitmap images. Use of bitmap images in cover lens design is discouraged as the print quality from these images on a glass surface is normally unacceptable.


Dawar Technologies has an extensive library of fonts. To avoid a font conflict problem, include a copy of the fonts used (screen and printer fonts for MAC), or if your application allows, either convert text to line paths/curves or embed the fonts. Also include a PDF file.

Each font you use in a file must also be installed on our computer in order for the artwork to look the same and print correctly. (Similarly, if someone else plans to view your file, each font you use in your document must also be installed on his or her machine.) If these aren’t installed, when the document is opened, other fonts will be substituted.


Please specify color when possible using standard color libraries such as the Pantone Matching System (PMS), and RAL which is a color matching system used in Europe. If a color is required outside a recognized color system, please supply a color sample for a custom color match.