Common Resistive Product Requirements


Common Product Requirements Dawar’s Resistive Value-Added Solutions
Reliable & Accurate
  • Proven Technology (30+ Years in the Field)
  • No Field Calibration Required (8-Wire)
  • No Linearization Required (8-Wire)
  • No Tuning Required
  • Less than 1.5% Linearity and Resistive Controllers with Excellent Speed
Durable, Impact Resistance
  • Capable of Handling Ball Drop Tests (Polyester Laminate (PL) Construction)
  • Shatterproof with All Plastic Construction (PL)
  • Film Front to Protect User from Glass Breakage
  • Durability can be Improved with the Addition of a Buffer Layer
  • Impact Resistance can be Enhanced with Chemical Strengthened and/or Thicker Base Substrates
Input with a finger, gloved finger (latex or thick work glove) or stylus
  • Works with Finger, Gloves, and Stylus
Sealable against, dust, dirt, debris or liquids (medical:  gels, saline, blood)
  • Overhang Overlay Feature Provides One Layer Seal Protection
  • Film Fronts are Medical Tested to be Resistant to Chemicals, Cleaners and Solvents
  • Easily Gasketed for Sealing
Long Life Expectancy/High endurance
  • Field Test for More Than 20+ Years
  • 30 Million Touch Life (5-Wire)
  • Up to 35 Million Actuations with 5-Wire, 5 Million with 8-Wire, and 1 Million with 4-Wire.
High Optical Clarity
  • 80% Transmission
Low to No Maintenance
  • Low Power Requirement
  • Self-Contain Touch System
Light-Weight, Portable
  • Light-Weight
  • Chemically Strengthened Base Glass Allows the Use of Thinner Substrates to Reduce Weight
Sunlight Readability
  • Films Can be Added for Low Reflections and Polarization
  • Passive Enhancements like Circular Polarizers and LOB are Available
Anti-Fingerprint (Oleophobic) Coatings
  • Oleophobic Coatings can be Added to the Cover Lens to Provide an Oil-Repelling Surface and Help Eliminate Fingerprints from Sticking to the Front Surface
  • Anti-Glare Top-Film Mitigates Finger Prints
Scratch Resistance
  • Hard-Coated Pet Films Offering 3H Hardness
  • Other Films with Desirable Performance can be Laminated to the Conductive Top-Film
Shatter-Resistant / Vandal-Resistant
  • All Plastic Solutions are Possible with PL Construction.
  • Chemically Strengthened Glass Option for Durability
  • Should the Touchscreen Become Broken the Top-Film will act as a Retaining Layer
Low Emissions
  • Resistive Technologies Have Very Low to No EMI Emissions
Ruggedized Against Vibration
  • Optional Conformal Coated Daughterboard Controllers and Latching Connectors Available
Withstand Noise Interference
  • Noise Susceptibility is Very Good with Resistive Product
Extreme Temperatures Fluctuations
  • GFG 5-Wire Available to Achieve Higher Temp Capability