Projected Capacitive Controller Solutions

All of our PCAP controller solutions support the following features:

  • Multiple Touch Input: Supports Multi-Touch Gesturing With Compatible OS Including: Flick, Pinch, Expand, Tap, Click and Rotate
  • Meets Windows 7 Logo Requirements: Windows 7 HID Compliant
  • Drivers Available For Most Other Operating Systems Including XP, CE, Linux, Android, Mac and QNX
  • Accurate: No Linearity Calibration Required
  • Certified: Meets the Latest Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive
  • Supports Through Glass Touch and Gloved Hand Operation

Atmel PCAP Electronics

Atmel has a wide variety of controller solutions to support a large range of touch panel sizes up to 24”. Atmel’s controllers include extremely powerful noise avoidance and noise cancellation algorithms, and are highly configurable. Atmel’s latest T series controllers combine mutual and self-capacitance scans for best in class glove, stylus and water performance. When combined with Dawar’s proprietary salt water design knowledge, Atmel controllers are perfect for marine, medical, exercise, and other salt water resistant applications.

EETI PCAP Electronics

EETI controllers offer excellent performance with support for a wide variety of retail and embedded operating systems. EETI’s highly responsive support team can quickly provide custom drivers or even custom firmware for virtually any environment or platform. With a high drive voltage of up to 40V, EETI controllers are capable of working through extremely thick cover lenses, making them the perfect choice for ruggedized kiosk and gaming applications.

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