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Projected Capacitive Controller Solutions

Dawar offers a wide range of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen controller solutions to several markets. Our solutions provide excellent performance alongside our Projected Capacitive Touch Screens and support multiple interfaces including USB, RS232 and I2C.

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Resistive Controller Solutions

Dawar’s exclusive 4, 5 and 8 wire resistive touch screen controller is an ideal match for our Resistive Touch Screens. Additionally, Dawar works closely with Microchip (Formerly The Hampshire Company) in supporting their universal controllers. This two prong offering provides customers the opportunity to one-stop-shop with Dawar and receive a controller solution exclusively focused on optimizing the performance of the Dawar resistive product or the flexibility to stay with their traditional Microchip product which provides seamless transitions from other touch screen supplier products. Both are excellent matches for Dawar’s resistive touch screens.

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Customization is Our Specialty

Learn more about the variety of options that allow you to customize your touch screen product to your application's unique needs.

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